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It is fun and informative to read what others have to say about leadership development and executive coaching! Look here for some of the things that I have read. Sometimes, I even write something myself!

Articles by Mark:

Change at the Top

Trustee Magazine 

January, 2017

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Executive Coaching is a key component to an effective succession planning approach. While this article pertains to healthcare succession planning, the approach can be used in any organization that is interested in long-term investment in its human capital.

This article was published in the January 2017 edition of Trustee Magazine. 

There’s a Problem the Healthcare Profession Needs to Address

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There’s a problem in the healthcare profession that is widely documented, yet often overlooked. This problem leaves hospital organizations and health systems in constant need of better leadership, with every hastily appointed leader more detrimental than the last.


This problem that I speak of is none other than CEO turnover. This article was originally published via LinkedIn in January 2019. 

The Yaffee Cycle of Success:  

I have had the privilege of being a part time Senior Consultant and Leadership Development practice leader for Yaffe & Company for the past 4 years. Yaffe & Co. is a 40 year old company providing advice to healthcare and higher education institutions in the areas of executive compensation, governance, physician management and leadership development. 


As our work with our clients evolved, we began to use the "Cycle of Success" graphic in presenting reasons for executive turnover to various Hospital Associations and our clients.  It depicts the right way to do succession planning long before an executive departs and the wrong way that starts when the executive departs.  Yaffe & Co. assists Boards of Directors at any stage of the cycle to improve chances of having a successful transition of leadership at any level of the organization. Executive coaching is a key component of any succession planning effort. 

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